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Is there a specific recipe you use? How does your icing stand up to the heat? I stopped using Crisco because of the 0 trans fat - was told not to use Crisco anymore for that reason but I loved using the butter flavor for my icing. The icing just tastes better
Thanks. I noticed you're in east texas (Texas Sugar). Do you mind me asking what city? Also, do you use High Ratio shortening, if so, where do you find it? I'm dying to try it.
Ok, I won't have time this go round for the color flow attempt but I will do something with it in a couple of weeks. Now, for anyone who lives in Texas, my cakes still get greasy and the icing just starts to look awful and bubble. I cannot find high ration short. anywhere near me, so I use the solid veg short from the grocery store - I use 1/2 butter (I just have to use some cuz icing with all short tastes gross), 1/2 shortening and I put meringue powder in it to try and...
THanks everyone. I actually saw on you tube that someone used melted chocolate as the "glue" between fondant/BC and color flow decor because it doesn't break down the sugar like the grease from BC would. Does that make sense, has anyone tried it? I'm going to try it tomorrow.
Is there a difference b/w color flow and royal icing? Is one better than the other, and will the colors bleed onto the cake? How long does a color flow or royal icing image have to dry? I was watching a you tube video and it said it needs to dry for 5 days.......? I want to do a FBCT but I always mess up for some reason. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
Thank you. I have tried the viva method and it does work great, but my prob is my icing. I have realized several mistakes I've been making, and can't wait to do my next cake to "hopefully" correct all those mistakes. Your cake is beautiful. This Texas heat and humidity is just not good for my cakes, so my icing gets greasy, but I'm going to try some new tips I learned on here. I've watched videos also, but they make it look so EASY!!! Thanks for your advice!
And one more thing, I like to add white or semisweet choc to my BC icings, so does that make it even more greasy? I alwys hear of people using choc in their cakes and icing, but is there a special way to do that?
THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR ADVICE AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!!! I really never get involved with forums and such but this website really does help and really does have so many wonderful people who are more than willing to help. I realize I've made a few mistakes. 1. crisco and i always like to use half butter, so there you go for greasy2. water instead of milk cuz I heard you are supposed to eat the quickly if you use milk. How long can the icing sit out if it has milk in it3. I...
Viva doesn't have any patterns on it, and so it makes the cakes completely smooth whereas the other paper towels would leave a print.
Thank you. It is frsutrating, and watching videos makes it look so easy but for me its not. Maybe i'll invest in the video, but I need to get that high ratio shortening too.
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