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I have a blue mat I bought from some baking supply place that I use for fondant. I am not home or I would look in the pantry for the name but I heard about it here. It works great I don't have an problems with it. It may be silicon though and not vinyl. The one I got is huge like 2 ft buy 3 feet.
Michaels has a bunch of stuff and you can find coupons online sometimes. Joanne's is pretty decent they also have coupons on line. I think that Hobby Lobby has the best prices and they will have coupons on line too. I have heard AC moore is good but have only been to one twice.
Generally the stores don't let you apply their coupons toward cricut items.
You can find a free shipping coupon code online too. Ave the 11.95 shipping fee.
I made a frog cake for my son a year or so ago and I got help from someone on here. She recommended a book to me and it was perfect. Others told me how to make one as well. I will look for the title if you are interested.
Whipped Chocolate ganache is always good.
I have emailed twice and posted here and have not received anything from the magazine. This is just frustrating. Do I need to email someone special? What do I need to do to actually get the link for the second digital copy?
Good Morning,I still have not received the link for issue 2 of the digital magazine. Could you please send it to me. I have already sent you all my information.thank you
I bought a subscription before you even began to publish. I received the print magazines as they came out. I can be patient waiting for the rest. I found out that you were emailing links to the digital ones after the first one had been done. I never received my link. I emailed and received a prompt response explained why I did not have the order number and all; gave the lady who responded the information she asked for and she was able to locate my subscription...
Overstock has the Cricut on sale and free shipping if anyone is looking for one still. Cricut Personal Electronic CutterRating 4.7 Overall Rating 78 reviewsToday: $98.99
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