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maryjsgirl, just to clarify, my comments were purely out of concern for the lady that's baking from her home. Years ago you could bake from your home if the kitchen and your home met all state regulations. I was hoping that would be the case for her; but PinkZiab has kindly provided information to the otherwise.Oh, and I believe in karma, too. But I really don't feel that anyone here meant any ill will towards this lady and what she's doing. I just thought the OP was...
Regarding the legality of her particular situation, unless the article states, it'd be difficult to say whether or not what she's doing is wrong. Well, I do indeed give her credit though, because that's certainly a LOT of work from a home kitchen. I wonder what her timeline is for delivering them? Anyway, I hope she's not doing anything to put her further in jeopardy, and that her bake sale is a success! I'd probably buy one if I could get there!
I'm going back a few years, but I believe that with proper inspections and licensing you can. I do know that there cannot be ANY pets of any kind whatsoever in the home; otherwise you have to have a kitchen that is completely separate from the home (as in a separate building).Maybe someone else can provide more up-to-date information.
I saw this on a 40th birthday button: BEHOLD THE AGELESS WONDER!
The cake is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love it! You did a fabulous job on it.I think people sometimes don't really know what a 6" cake will turn out to be. Maybe that was just their initial surprise. Try not to be bummed about it. I think once they have time to admire it, they'll just LOVE it, too! And I have NO DOUBT that the birthday boy's enjoying it!
I'm always nervous when it comes to writing, even something as simple as "Happy Birthday"!... I look at it and look at it again, making sure I didn't miss one letter somewhere. I'm not sure if you're watching this topic anymore, but I'm sorry to hear about your flub. It happens, and like someone else said, I don't think this will happen to you again! Anyway, regarding the question in the original post, I think at least a 50% refund sounds fair to me, given the...
Hi. When I use hi-ratio shortening, my buttercream comes out much smoother and is much easier to work with on a cake. I think you'll really enjoy working with it.I think it also depends on the recipe you're using. When I make the standard Wilton recipe, no matter how much creaming or mixing I do, there's still a hint of graininess to it. Not much, though, and I think most people wouldn't even notice it. (But then, I usually make SMBC or IMBC, and graininess is never an...
My family's favorite is vanilla bean white cake filled with vanilla custard (with sliced strawberries and bananas pressed into the custard).(And I love melysa's coconut cake combo! Sounds super delish!)
Hi. I have both and find that I only use the single petal cutter. I really just enjoy forming and attaching each petal individually.
Vanilla Bean White with SMBC.(aggiechef, oooooh! What a neat way to use a cake mix!)
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