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Antonia 74 you did a fantastic job on the tutorial I am sure all the girls that are exited about doing cookies are going to be super happy congratulations
I love the clock idea but did not have the time to make that amazing job, so what I did was make my father in law face surrounded by all his grandchildren, I gave it to him this saturday and he was really touch so I was glad, I will posted shortly on our cakes thanks again for all your help
Thanks you for your suggestion I will try them and as soon as I do I will tell youthanks again
Dear lionlady none of my cupcakes have coconut is just white stars made with #16 tips...buttercream..
Hello all you experts out there, I am starting to make cakes and fondant cakes, how can I know that flavor of cakes combines well with what flavor of filling and butter cream, fondant, etc, I would very much appreciated I what to make a sample tasting with my family. Thanks in advance
Naty I would recommend to make the cupcakes, just attach them with royal icing to the bottom of wattever you are going to carry them with and they wont move at all.Hope I can help
love the idea thanks so much
You are a life saver I was like crazy looking for this you are a saint thanks so much
Hello all of you artists out there I need a Granfather cake idea my adorable father in law 75 b-day is this comming saturday any ideas are welcome.. thanks in advance
I dont know if this is a silly questions is there a chart where I could see wich fondant, buttercream, icing etc, combines well with wich what flavoer of cake, and filling, I woul very much appriciated, since I am starting to make MMF cakes but I am not sure with what type of filling would combine well with. thank in advance
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