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GENIUS!!!! Thank you so much!!! I would have never thought of that
So attached is a picture of the kind of dots I have to put on a cake...My question is.... How the heck do I do it???Do I have to precisely measure and mark where I want my dots???Or do I just measure where they start and end, then eyeball the rest???Oh, and this has to be done to six 10 inch cakes and one 6 inch...Any help is appreciated!
Well I finished baking...finally!And the first cakes I did seemed to be a tad bit darker. But they're not burned or anything so I think it'll be okay. We'll just have to see what they taste like..
Okay, so I'm making a quinceanera cake for friday. I'm baking today and I made all my BC yesterday. So I mixed about half of the cake mix with each recipe missing a cup of water!!! When I realized I misread the recipe I added the extra cup I needed to the next batch I was making. My question is. . . . Does that extra cup of water make a noticable difference??? Are my cakes doomed??? I'm just really stressing over this...Any help would be appreciated.
To my understnding it is. We make a boston cream cake at work and fill it with bavarian creme. HTH!
sweetpea, I sure know what you mean. I have made little faces for a slumber party cake and little bears for a baby shower cake. I was so sad when I had to part with them and I still feel teary eyed when I see my little basketball bear in my pics. He fell apart and had to go to that big fondant bear garbage can in the sky [/quote]Aww how sad! Did you have a funeral for him?? I would have Here's some pix of my finished critters
So I'm doing a Noah's Ark cake for tomorrow. It's for a lady at work that approached me on tuesday!!Kinda last minute but I'll be up all night! I already made all the animals and I really don't wanna part with them..They are too cute!
I really really wanna break it in...but I have no cakes for this week!! What do I do?!?!?
So today we went to the outlet mall and bought my very first Kitchenaid!!! I am so excited and I can't wait to use it!!It's a pro 600 pewter finish....I just don't know what to name it Now I can play with the big boys!! No more mixing by hand or with my handheld!!!!Daaaaaah!! I love it!
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