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Must be nice!! Now where can you get one of these "awesome" husbands?????
Yeah I'm the biggest procrastinater ever!! I have a cake for this friday and still haven't started...I need to go shopping too
I would love to hear what people have to say....I've been wanting to get an airbrush too
I have always been interested in the beauty of cakes but I had never pursued it until a day after I got married in june 08. I have always been in art class also and I loved it. I started watching videos online and getting recipes as well. I am pretty much self taught. But I ended up taking some wilton classes a few months later and that helped with technique and stuff like that. All the new techniques I learned after the classes are stuff I taught myself once again....
Well I barely sent my app yesterday...I hope I wasn't too late. I waited til the last minute cuz I'm so not confident but my mom pushed me to do it.
I just finished a little mermaid cake. It's a rainbow cake with strawberry filling and french vanilla BC. All BC with fondant and BC accents. She just picked the cake up and loved it!! I'm so proud!!
OMG!! It's like winning the lotto on christmas!!!! This is the best day ever!!! Thanks so much bobwonderbuns!! You're the best!
Maybe you can try parchment paper. I tried that with my most recent cake and it worked perfectly. Good luck!
So I'm not that great either...but should I apply. I mean, you never know who they're gonna pick right?? My family is telling me to go for it. What do you all think??? It's so scary though!! I'm nervous just thinking about it.
I do that too!! Whether the bag is less than half full or really full, I have to steady helps out a lot...and I have a steady hand to each his own
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