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Did I miss something??? Cake boss show???
Thanks so much guys!!! You REALLY boosted my confidence!I love CC!!!!!
So when I first tackled on this cake project I was way confident that I could do it. But then I started doubting myself and freaking out. Well......I did it!!!! And it was so much fun!This is the second time I actually carve a cake (the first one was my donut cake)....and I am so proud that I actually pulled it off! Let me know what you think and what could have been better!!Thanks!!Booo...the pic is too big to should be in my photos though.P.S.I just want to...
Got home from work at 7 and it is now 2am....I finally finished this cake....not sure why it took so long, other than playing rock band with the fam Good night everyone!
Thanks for all the replies guys!!! You're the best!
That is too cool for school!!! I love seeing things like that!!! Thanks for posting!
Wow!! When I grow up I wanna be just like you!! I don't think I could afford all
So I LOVE LOVE LOVE my KitchenAid!!! But It's still new and I only have one bowl, one paddle and one whisk....It's really a pain having to wash them five times a day!!! Yesterday I made two separate cake batters, a batch of buttercream, two fillings and man am I tired of washing it over and over and over again....So how many extras do you have???? How many do you recommend??? Eventually I know I'll get extras but for now I'm stuck washing everything all the time
I made a chocolate mousse for the second time ever today and the first time was way better. I think I added the chocolate while it was still warm and the mousse is not a mousse, it's kinda runny.My question is...Can I possibly fix it??? Or do I have to start over???\\TIA
the wilton rose color gets kinda like a hot pink.
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