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When I got hired at a supertarget bakery I thought everything was from scratch and freshly baked....I was wrong!We order boxes that have 6 half sheets in them and we fill and decorated them.Even the muffins, cookies and pies come in frozen and we just pop them in the oven straight from the freezer.....makes me sadOne day I hope to work at a REAL bakery!
Thank you both for all of your help!!! I'm meeting with her today and this had really helped me make some key decisions.
Holy Crappers!!!An old friend from high school contacted me and wants me to do her wedding cake.She would like 100 cupcakes and a dummy cake with just a small part on the bottom with real cake for pictures...How much would I charge for something like that...where do I even get started??? I don't have that included in the price or does she just buy them separate?? ...who keeps them?? do I display them??? where the heck am I gonna store all these...
No need to be sorry...and you're welcome!
Girlfriend....CC is way ahead of you.... Here's the thread where everyone talks about it...
How exciting!! Congratulations!!!
Thanks for your I need to figure out how much cake to use
but I really need help..I know pricing is different everywhere but I would like to get a general idea of how to price this.I have a request for a 3D cowboy hat and cowboy boot cake to feed 60 people.How much would you charge for something like that...and how big would it be????? I'm really bad at this part so any help would be appreciated.
Daaaah!! I have to wait two more hours til they play it again
It's two 10inch cake boards covered in fondant
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