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Thanks so much for your advice
Just thought of another question...When delivering the cake should it be all put together or should I have the real cake and the dummies separate from each other and assemble on site?? What I was thinking was having all the dummies assembled and when I get there just put them on top of the real cake and pipe a quick border....what's the best thing to do??
Thanks for your response.You're the best Jen! and about my momma....not really sure if she ever told me that...
Sorry for being a doh doh but, I'm doing a wedding cake for a friend in a few weeks and most of it will be dummy cake.The bottom tier will be cake and the top 4 tiers will be here's the question(or questions)...Do I have to dowel between each tier even if it's styrofoam? I wouldn't want the weight to collapse on top of the real cake. It will all be covered in fondant. And I'm trying to order dummies but the size I need is out of stock...Can I buy a 7in and...
Thank you guys so much!!!
Well I haven't posted in a while and I know this isn't really a big deal or anything...but my ladybug cake is in the most saved for today! I didn't even do this cake at home. My husband and I traveled to Los Angeles to make it for his best friend's baby shower. It was a joy to make and to give it to them as their gift. And if I lived over there I would have had sooo much business since everyone loved the cake! I am truly proud of this one! I know it has it's...
Totally agree there...I did that with my last cake and it was for family. .. AND I still haven't gotten paid.
I made this for my sister in laws graduation....she's moving to L.A. It could have been better but I was in a time time I make one of these I'll know what to do to improve it. up is a grad cap for my lil bro for sat...never done one so we'll see how it turns out.
Wow...that's a crappy situation...Don't let stupid people bring you down.My wilton instructor actually encouraged me to apply to teach...she would joke around everytime I would finish a cake that she was gonna tell people it was hers..lolJust keep your head up and have fun doing your job
We usually have a six month freezer life for a lot of items...sometimes it's less..But who knows how long it was frozen before it was shipped to the stores..
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