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Congratulations! I was excited when I got my grocery store job a year ago. But I quit last month. Nothing against the job...I loved it, It was the witchy supervisor I had. Anyway, depending on what chain it is, just be prepared to do a lot of kit cakes. It's easy because the design is right in front of you and everything you need is at your disposal. Also be prepared to work faster than you ever worked before. It's all about production and I totally agree about the comfy...
Here's my cake everyone. Let me know if it looks bad I think it came out better than I expected though.
I'm such an idiot! Oh well. We'll see if its super noticable when I deliver it. Nite Nite everyone!
It's almost and inch less. But I used a 2 inch pan and the cake rose to the top so I'm just confused. Plus the buttercream and the fondant over it it should have matched up right?
Ok so I just did a test stacking of my tiers. The top four are dummies and the bottom is real cake. But the bottom one isn't as tall as the stupid dummies. My hubby said it didn't look bad but I'm scared they'll want their money back or something.
I have a 5 tier wedding cake for tomorrow. Just gotta cover one more tier in fondant and make RI for my scrollwork....It's gonna be a long night...I'll be around
I used a garlic press for my grad cap cake and it worked just fine.
Okay that's one question out of the way...thanks so much guys!
So I'm doing a cake all fondant with scrollwork on each tier. The bride wants the size of the scrollwork to alternate with each tier, small, large, small ,large etc.My questions are: Do I use buttercream or royal icing for the scrolls?Does anyone have any pictures of different sized scrollwork?Are the "C" scrolls my best bet or should I try something different??(They seem to be easier to do, I was thinking on two tiers to do small "C" scrolls but I'm not sure how to do the...
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