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So I applied about a month ago and they immediately sent me an email saying they love my story and they needed a video asap. Well it's been a few weeks and I haven't heard anything....will they tell me anything even if I didn't get it...This waiting is making me anxious!!!!
Thanks so much Cat!!
I finally get to rest after 3 cakes at work this week. I had a twelve hour day today so I'll be relaxing... I'm about to post pictures, let me know what you guys think
You might have layered on too much color. You might want to airbrush them orange or pink first and then a light coat of red that way it's not a lot of red coats....does this make sense?? HTHSusie
I made this one for a young girl...maybe it will help with ideas
At the bakery I work at we bake Mon, Tues or Wed, then ice and stack thursday and decorate friday then deliver saturday...It is all done within the week depending on the day we're delivering. Decorations are made that week or up to a few weeks before, but it also depends on what you are making and if you need it to dry hard or not.
I'm wide awake and I'm making a small birthday cake for my nephew. It's a ten inch round chocolate cake with cookie and cream filling. The theme is mickey mouse so I'm thinking of painting Steamboat Willie on top since my brother is more old school.... cant wait!
Yo tambien soy de El Paso....Hablo mejor en inglesso....I found that people don't like to pay for good cakes. They would rather get that cheap walmart or sams cake. When I tell them the price they get shocked and I just let them know that it is a custom cake and it takes more time and skill to make something special for their occassion. If they don't like the price I apologize and move on. There are a lot of people that are willing to pay as well but for the most part...
Would the pam spray leave a buttery residue?? You know like if you spray too much in your pan it's super buttery....could that happen to the outside of your cake if you spray too much???
I still get excited! I mean, Indydebi commented on my cookies today! How awesome is that?!
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