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Thanks so much!! I don't know why I just didn't google it. lol
I can't find a picture of a cake with it, but they're like mini alphabet rubber stamps.I have no idea where to get them, but I need some asap! And I can't find a picture of a cake that has used them.
I finished a Lakers themed cake earlier today and delivered it. Then I started late on making some italian BC and star toppers for 3 dozen cupcakes. I'm all done now. Just have to place the toppers on tomorrow.Nite nite everyone!
Yes you can use a crusting buttercream for a crumb coat/dirty ice and as a final coat and as a filling. The only difference between a crusting and a non-crusting buttercream is that one forms a crust on the outside when it drys and one doesn't. People use a crusting buttercream when using the Viva method to smooth their cakes. HTH and good luck!
I would definitely apply then paint. If you paint then apply, there's a chance you can smudge the paint if it's not completely dry, or get your fingerprints on it. You do need a steady hand to paint while it's on the cake though. So it's completely up to you and how comfortable you feel. Either way it will take forever if you plan on doing a lot of pieces. HTH and good luck!
I would just use a chocolate buttercream
It looks like it could be a shooting star cutter that was modified.
Luckily I haven't had any of my photos stolen...but I was searching different cake shops in town last week and most of them had photos that didn't belong to them. So many different bakery watermarks on a lot of photos. It really upset me, even though they weren't my photos.
It's definitely a crimper on the edges. As for the design on the side, I believe they just used a circle cookie cutter and just imprinted the pattern. You can see that not all the crosses are the same size so it shows that it was done one by one.. Hope this helpsSusie
Well that does make sense...thanks for reassuring me Cake_architect. It really is frustrating not knowing but it's understandable that they have their way of doing things. I wish it was July already
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