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I made a cake like this.. it's in my photo gallery. I just brushed some simple syrup on the outside a few times and it never got stale or hard. And we charged the base price also. =)
Well you have all confirmed with me that I am not crazy and my cake isn't ugly. I was doubting myself at one point and I let this email eat away at me all day. She had mentioned shiny and sparkly but never did I write down putting rhinestones on the cake so there was probably a disconnect there. I told her it would be airbrushed on pearl(I wrote that down). I guess they wanted it to be airbrushed in silver to look as tacky as they originally wanted. Thu wanted so much...
I uploaded the picture Earlier. It's the gold and bronze flower cake. That picture was taken before we left the venue. It looked exactly like the sketch.
So be warned...this is the longest email I have ever read! So this lady ordered her daughter's engagement cake after they had done a tasting and ordered their wedding cake. They loved how moist my cake was and how good the buttercream was. At the tasting the groom asked for a discount since there would be sooo many members of their parish there and I would get a lot of business from their wedding. They were already getting a cheaper rate since they saw me at a bridal...
Whaaat?? I had no idea! I wonder if it will ship in time. Thanks!
Ok so I have my first bridal show with my business in less than two weeks! Aaaahhh!!I have done bridal shows before at other bakeries that I worked at so I know how to do them.My only question is....what the heck do I wear?? I don't have money to buy a chef's coat or to make shirts with my logo. The money that I do have will be to buy fondant for my dummies. I can have 3 helpers but I don't have anything for them to wear either.I want to look professional but I am just...
OMG too funny! I laughed out loud at this!
Hey everyone! My topsy turvy is done!! It's in my gallery pics. Hope you all like it!
I just did it on a topsy turvy cake with italian buttercream. I didn't completely cover it, but it can be done.this picture is in my gallery already.
Hey everyone!!! I'm about to stack a huge three tier topsy turvy cake. The sizes are 9/10", 10/12" and 15/16". Then I'm done for the night. I'll be decorating it tomorrow morning, just fuschia and purple stripes with a silver band border. Easy Peasy!
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