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People who have used her recipe.....I have heard it GREAT and would like to try it.....How big of a cake would you say this frosting will cover? I have a 6 inch round and an 8 inch round...Do you think that will be enough for them ?
After I have got the print of the edible image I want for my cake how do I go about putting it on the cake? Can Any one give me a walk threw or a link to somewere that already has it?
The onsIhad at a baby shower were amazingggggg! They were soft and chewy not crunchy...I tried them and they came out toooooo crunchy. Any ideas?
Thanks guys ! These were so helpful!
Ok, I was at a baby shower and I had these amazing cookies! When I asked what they were the lady said just cake batter! So I wnt home and tried it.... they came out runny following the cake box, there is only 3-4 recipes here about these...Any one have any ideas on how I can make them more of a cookie batter?????
Thanks guys!
So sometimes Im in a bit of a rush, I guess a 4 year old can do that and I whip up a boxed cake mix for a family gathering or a family dinner. They get a bit boring. I was wondering if any one had any recipes or secrets in doctoring up a boxed mix?
I have to frost a block cake but the majority of the block is "exposed cake " I would call it , kinda hard to explain, like cuting it in pieces then having to frost it , if any one can understand what im trying to say....any suggestions on how I can frost the blocks with less crumbs as possible?
Thank you the artice was helpful , but what about frosting? Do I frost each individually before stacking?
I am trying to make a tierd cake , do you guys suggest I crumb coat and frost each layer before layering them? Or frost them all together? And how would I stack them already frosted? ?
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