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Anyone know where to purchase this in the Boston area?
If it is from 2006 the wilton patterns are online for that year. I am sorry, but I didn't get the Wilton book that year!!! Very cute cake though
I think that the Wilton paste colour that comes in the decorating kit comes out a hot pink colour when lots of colour is put in. I looked up the colour in Wkipedia, and it looks as tacky as some people's cakes in my Wilton 3 course when they used the standard pink colour. I would confirm exactly what is meant by hot pink.
During the Wilton course, the instructor told us this is how to clean tips, (and boy do you use a lot during the courses!). Place all tips in a large glass bowl, and cover liberally with dishwashing soap. Pour boiling water in the bowl, and leave to sit for a few hours. When you come back, all the grease is at the top, and off the tips. I then rinse everything in the sink, and they are not greasy at all.This may not seem to frugel, but I bought a big box of disposable...
All 4 cake: Thanks for the you tube reference. The method is spot on, however, for beginners not having a scale to weigh everything, there are measurements on this web site and others.cakesbyshannon:To me, I think that you need to start with a reliable recipe, clean (non-yolked) beaters, and just the ingredients listed in the proper measurements. Good luck, and we hope to see your finished product posted here!
Can you please give us the exact buttercream that you are making. (the ingredients and process). If it a smbc, perhaps some oil/grease got into the eggs, sugar mixture prior to the butter being added. Did you use a thermometor when warming the egg whites sugar mixture?What is the temperature in your house? Have you made the recipe before?I hate to give you advice such as add more powdered sugar if you are making a true smbc recipe
I loved the final cake for course 2. The royal icing flowers were tons of fun to make, and the cake with the basketweave was beautiful. The first class was chaotic, but the rest were tons of fun! Good luck.
Hey, I am in Calgary as well. I went to the Cookbook Company on 11th avenue (beltline sw), and found that they sell the gell colours for cakes. They also had quite a few spatulas and other assorted things for cake decorating and baking. They had quite a few unique flavorings as well. The prices were pretty high (except for the spatulas),but the quality was good, and no michael's 40 % off.
Thanks so much. What a great deal you have found for everyone!!!!
You can google buttermilk substitutions. Generally with chocolate cakes, I have used plain milk with lemon or vinegar added to it. For coffee cakes, yoghurt, or sour cream works. But do google this, and get some ideas on substitutions that work. I have never seen powdered buttermilk, just fresh, beside the creams and milk in the grocery store.
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