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I must admit- I used new crisco a few weekends ago to make a batch of "whimiscal bakehouse buttercream" and it turned out really loose- I made a second batch with walmart brand and it was perfect. I also noticed that my crisco sort of separated in the crisco container as well- maybe the "no trans fat" issue.
as you can see in my profile pic, that's the big star tip i used!
that tip does make a big difference indydeb! wilton has this "cupcake kit" with that tip and a few others. i love it!
CakeRx has a point about the peanut allergy issue! i like snickers, but I think that might be a little weird. The dark choc and raspberry sounds delicious!
very interesting!! thanks for posting!
don't even get me started on how it would look! like i said-i would love to get tonedna to create it!!
i love tonedna's cakes too! i would have chocolate cake- it was too expensive for us when we got married. we just had pound cake and frosting. i actually secretly really love it, after it's been refrigerated. i would have a chocolate cake with a deliciously buttery SMBC and maybe i'd throw in some tart raspberry filling since that's my fav too. i still might have a vanilla layer with bavarian cream for my non- chocoholic friends! great post idea!
that is spectacular!
i finally figured it out after i took the course a second time, and there were only 2 people in the class as opposed to 8 the first time! i need one on one. once in a while i can write pretty neatly on cakes, but some days my hands just get all crazy!
usually NO! i think it says it on the coupon in small print. they will usually put them on sale for 40% off.
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