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what about making a little sign that says Happy Birthday So and So and attaching it to a toothpick. That way the writing doesn't look out of place on such a beautiful cake.That's what I do for cupcake tree's.
wow, what great feedback!!!Yeah maybe I will take a class, I had issues with icing thickness yesterday actually!!! It would be a chance to meet other people and I'm always up for meeting new people!Thank you so much folks! I love this site!!!
Thank you all so much, your feedback is greatly appreciated.I think I'll spend my time practicing on my own. I spent a year in school at a "proprietary college" (my employer sent me)studying medical coding and was so mad because I knew more than most the teachers! I try to avoid going through that again if humanly possible!I think I'll just practice and continue reading and researching. Maybe take a college class if I get serious about it.
How valuable have you found your Wilton classes to be? I've been decorating cakes for a couple of years, exclusively for immediate family members. Since I found this wonderful site, I've learned so many great techniques that I took the next step and made a cake for a coworker. I got rave reviews and she wants me to make a cake for her daughter's first birthday. I've been thinking of taking the Wilton classes, but I just want to know if I would be sitting twiddeling my...
Good save! It still turned out pretty in the end. How did that happen?
So the search function does usually work? I have yet to have it work so I just search the forums page by page
I did one yesterday and filled it in with stars-it ended up with the texture of a basketball!!! Good learning experience!
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