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I've read where it makes about 5 cups, does anyone know how many cupcakes it will cover with a simple swirl?Thanks so much,Vonda
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, my town does not have anywhere that sells anything but basic colors. I need them for tomorrow, no time to order.Vonda
I would like to mix a dark pink or hot pink candy melts. What colors would I mix to get the color I am looking for? I would like to be able to use the melts I already have.Thanks so much,Vonda
You cake is amazing. It remind me of Disney World, so much to see you can't take it in all at once.Someone had buyers remorse. For $150.00, she made out like a bandit.Kay
I had no idea this would happen. I am so glad you said something or I would have ruined the strawberries.Now, how in the world do you stencil dust?Kay
Thank you.Kay
Thank you, would clear vanilla work as well?Kay
Credit to The Pastry Studio.I'm a novice decorator and was wondering how to achieve the silver scroll?Thanks so much,Kay
I'm a hobby baker, but bake a lot of cupcakes. The only problems with liners I have ever had are with the Cupcake Creations. I won't use them again.Vonda
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