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Hello everyone,   I can find charts for icing, but was looking for charts on making different colors such as teal and salmon color. Would love to be able to mix candy melts to achieve the color.    Thanks so much,   Kay
Thank you very much,   Vonda
Thank you all for your help.  We are narrowing it down to what we can do.  My friend really likes these cookies, they look like a quilted pillow. I've googled, but can't find a tutorial.  I would like to see if these are something we can do.   She really likes the second picture with the multi colors, but I'm not sure we can do that.  What do you all think?   Thank you again,   Vonda    
Lizzie,   Thank you so much, very helpful.   Vonda
Sorry, just saw that the icing sheet would work with fondant.   Vonda
We do not have to use fondant.  I have flooded cookies in the past, but again just one color.  I'm not sure how to add multiple.   I like the idea of the sheet.  I'm assuming this would be placed over the flooded cookies?  The only place I know of that does the prints is Albertsons and their computer does not print very nice.   Vonda
Thank you a so much for the links.  I have worked with fondant, but only using one color.  I'm not sure if my limited talent will allow me to do this right.  I will practice and see what I come up with.  We may have to just keep it simple.   What would be the best way to achieve the polka dots in the letter "B"?   Thank you again. I am in awe of the beautiful work you all do.    Vonda
  Hi everyone,   I have been reading the threads and looking at pictures.  You all are amazing.  The cookies look to beautiful to eat.   My friend and I are not advanced at all, but would like to make bow tie cookies for her daughters baby shower.  We are going to use fondant and wanted to know where to learn how to add a pattern to the cookie?  I've worked with fondant on cookies before, but just one color.    She would like the fondant to resemble the "O" and...
I've read where it makes about 5 cups, does anyone know how many cupcakes it will cover with a simple swirl?Thanks so much,Vonda
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