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Yesterday, when I delivered this cake.... I was HORRIBLY disappointed. You see, all those icing dots were supposed to be edible diamonds but the company I ordered them from messed up and I had to change it last minute. Today, I see a well executed design and, if...
I cut a flat edge on the bottom of the ears, attach them with almond bark (building up some almond bark behind the ear at the base to support them from the back) then use a paintbrush and some gel color and paint the almond bark black. It's almost undetectable.
Thanks. I like that idea a lot.
I just had an inquiry for a 50th Anniversary cake. They want to do something that combines their professions... a teacher and a coal miner. Does anyone have any ideas for this one that would seem cohesive?
I've ALSO been trying to find the Naughty Cakes gallery... for weeks. (I have been nothing but confused/disappointed with this "new" format ever since the change took place.)
Oops, I just saw your post saying that it survived.. YAY!
If the cake is dense/firm enough, it will be fine. Like DeliciousDesserts, I also sometimes skip doweling smaller 2 tiers.
I had the same idea as Jess155.
I use a thin layer of piping gel to attach fondant to buttercream after it crusts.
  Thank you so much! I have never made a fondant figure like this before but when one of my regular clients couldn't find a Minnie Mouse topper, I promised I would come up with something. The step by step photos were definately a God send!
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