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Thanks y'all!
I am making a fondant cake with the chunky strawberry filling in the recipe area. The recipe is below. My question is does this need to be put in the fridge? It's being picked up on Thursday night for the next day. I am just worried about the fondant being sticky if it's in the fridge. AHHHH.....what do I do???Chunky Strawberry FillingIngredients * 1 lb frozen whole strawberries 1/2 cup sugar 3 Tablespoons corn starchInstructions Unthaw frozen...
Yeah...I have tried that one and really do care for the taste of it at all. Maybe I will try it again and tweek it or something.
Is there a better frosting to use over another for this technique?
DC cupcakes used a foam ball. I think they coated it with buttercream and crushed up oreos to make it look like dirt. I hot glue my cups to the pot because I'm paranoid that it would shift or something while driving.
I did mine to the edges and I didn't find it to be a problem. I removed two of mine to re-do them because I wasn't happy with them and they removed without a problem. I would go on what look you like better.
I found the 2 oz cups at a Dollar General store! Thanks KHalstead for your directions!!! I did a bouquet and it turned out great!
Ya'll are awesome!!!
Did you cover the whole cake in the fondant and then cut the slice of cake out or do you cut the slice of cake out and then cover the whole cake in fondant?Also, what about the filling? Do you need to make sure the filling is sturdy? I want to make this cake for my birthday, but was planning on doing a cannoli filling. I didn't know if that would work since I would be taking a "slice" out of it. What are ya'lls thoughts?
I know there is a certain tip out there to make your frosting look like this. I don't think it's the tip 12 of wilton because that seems way too small for this effect. What do you use? Thanks!!![/img]
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