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This is one of my favorites, It was made for George "Possum" Jones's 80th birthday party, and we got to deliver it and attend his party. He and his wife loved it. She emailed the next day and said "we had possum leg for breakfast",     My next favorite one was made for Tracey Lawrence, and is a toast turkey, he does a turkey fry for Thanksgiving for the Rescue Mission in Nashville Tn every year.
This one was for a Halloween party for some teenage boys,       and this one was for a cast party for  the Nashville School of the Arts cast party for the play "Metamorphosis"  
You could use wilton fondant instead of good stuff!!! I had some dummy cakes  couple of years ago in our window display, and had one with MMF and one with Wilton and they destroyed the one with MMF and didn't touch the Wilton one.
put them in the freezer for a few minutes. They should just pop out. Are they plastic, silicone  or metal? either way they should come out.
I totally agree with you. The rules are there for a reason. I think the mom should have done more research on it too.
Ok, It was on our local news in Nashville TN.  I saw the article about her when it was on a few months ago.
I just thought it is was interesting. some of the facebook   replies went from saying that they should just leave her alone and let her do it like it was having a lemonade stand, to she shouldn't be doing it at all. This is some of them. "~~Leave her alone. They would probably rather she learn how to beat people out of money. Or hope she depends on the government." "~~In TN you can sell 'home baked' goods as long as it is labeled "This product was made in a private home...   ~~Government Shuts Down 11-Year-Old's Cupcake Business  Thursday, February 6 2014, 09:36 AM CST An 11-year-old girl got a tough lesson in government bureaucracy when her custom cupcake business got shut down by the health department after an article about her success ran in the local newspaper. Chloe Stirling started baking cupcakes and selling...
LOL!! That is right!! I live about half way between them.
I saw that too. It was cute, but did you notice that they brought the puppy in there and let it stay on a pillow? Plus it cracks me up to watch these kind of movies and see bloopers in there. She was walking up to the guys with her cake container and was carrying it sideways EMPTY, then the next scene when she got up to walk away there was like 8 cupcakes on it. LOL
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