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It sure does! is working with royal icing int he first link. She uses just one container to mix one color after another (no washing) and then shows you how to make the icing bullets. If you google "icing bullets" you'd probably find a lot of other forums where they discuss them.
You should also try making icing bullets (or frosting bullets). Maybe you'll like them. There are some people who freeze them already colored, but I haven't done that yet. I always wonder if the color separates.   It's just a ruffled flower but it does have ruffled petals on the outside.
  Love your flowers!
I agree…and I buy and have almost every video tutorial out there. I found the same kind of flowers at mycakeschool, on their "how to pipe large frosting flowers" tutorial and I just paid $30 for a whole year of videos.
Is it this one?
I enlarged that photo and that crown definitely has a wire through each curve. Maybe it's not even edible.
Perhaps because if you bake them naked, you'd have to grease each cavity in the cupcake tray and that's a pain? And you still risk that they get stuck inside the cavity and it's hard to take them out?
I think it all depends on what the holders will be. Most of the time, you don't have to bother changing the linings.
There are people who mix it with commercial fondant. 50/50.   Here's a review of fondants. I hear everywhere that Fondarific is delicious. Still haven't tried it.
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