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Posts by lexi55033 am looking for containers similar to these to hold mini bundt cakes. Ideally I would like to buy them by the case. Does anyone know of a website that sells these in bulk? I'm also searching for clear plastic domed containers to hold regular sized bundt cakes. Any suggestions?Thanks!
Thanks, I am definitely going to give this a try! I've been searching for a good carrot cupcake recipe for awhile now and haven't found any that I like in cupcake form.
I also go to Etsy when I need things such as gumpaste flowers, toppers, etc and don't have the time or want to make them myself.
Do you know if you can omit the pecans and coconut in this recipe and still get the same results? Would you need to modify it to compensate for that omission?
You could get some clear plastic cups with covers. I think the 5 oz ones are the ones that a single cupcake fits into perfectly. Just unwrap them, slip them in the cup and frost. Then attach a plastic spoon or fork and you have a cake cup instead of a cupcake. Market it as the mess free way to eat a cupcake or cupcakes to go!
Something might be wrong with their website or computers which could be contributing to their slow reply back to you... I tried to log in to look for you and it's not letting me log in. I do know their minimum order is $125 though.
DecoPac is in Anoka, MN
I use Flickr and really like it.
The minimum order through my distributor is normally $500 too, but if I go and pick my order up from their warehouse instead of them delivering it, they waive that minimum. You might want to check with your distributor to see if pickup might be an option for you. Then you'd only have to commit to one 50# bag.
I am considering purchasing the new Duncan Hines Professional Cake Mix in 50# bags from a local distributor, but I would like to hear some reviews first from people who have used it. I use the WASC recipe now and was wondering if this can be used as an even substitute for a normal cake mix. I couldn't find that much information about it online. Can I use my same recipes? Also, I've always used Betty Crocker mixes. How would this compare? If it's an even substitute, it...
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