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I'm looking for some very simple designs that are really easy to throw together at the last minute but are still eye-catching designs for an 8" or 10" round cake frosted in buttercream (can use fondant accents). Ideally for either male or female. Pics or links to pics would be greatly appreciated. I want to have a few designs in mind for when I get those last minute orders.Thanks,Angie
Grease Proof tan or cream solid colored cupcake liners?Thanks,Angie
Thank you everyone for your responses! I really appreciate them! I'm learning something new (or several things actually) every day from this great website! My husband is on his way to the liquor store now.
I use this recipe all the time without any problems. I use the Wilton Cake Release and it works like a charm. I flip them out of the pans onto cooling racks usually about 10-15 minutes after I take them out of the oven. Hope that helps!Angie
What is Cooks? Is it the brand or name of it? Would that be found at the grocery store or at a liquor store? Told you... I know nothing about this.Thanks for all the help guys!
Sorry, but I'm bumping myself! I saw that there were 30 views, but no responses. I know someone has made this cake and can help me out... Anyone?
Okay, this might be a really stupid question, but I don't drink wine, champagne, etc. myself so I have no idea. No particular reason, just don't like the taste.Anyways, is there a certain kind of pink champagne that is best to use for the pink champagne cake? I plan on using the one found in the recipe section of this website. If so, could someone please advise me? Brand, name, etc. Also, do you just go to the liquor store and get it or is it something you can find at the...
Did I hear her say at the beginning that it could pass as a $500 cake???!!!?! On what planet would someone pay $500 for that?
I have a request for a cake to feed approx. 24 people (party sized servings). She wants the cake to include hockey, golf and fishing, but all on the same cake for a 13 yr old boy. Any ideas of how I could include all of those on the same cake, but still have it look nice? BTW, I don't do sheet cakes.Thanks,Angie
You'd be surprised. I didn't even think this motel had a kitchen either, since there's no restaurant or anything hooked to it. I guess you'd just have to call around and ask. I think the motel that I rent from is privately owned- like a franchise maybe. I had to have my own inspection, independent of theirs and carry my own insurance, etc.Good luck! I know how frustrating it can feel.
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