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I have this happen with chocolate buttercream all the time and it is sooo frustrating! I would love to hear a good solution to this also. I don't really seem to have the problem with vanilla buttercream though. You're right, it's almost like it crusts too fast and too hard.
Thanks for the replies. I did place the rack over the top of the pan, then flipped it onto the rack. However, I didn't flip it back onto another rack immediately and it had a slightly rounded top, so I'm thinking that's probably the problem. I'm going to try cooling it completely in the pan tonight first before removing it, then make sure I flip it back onto it's bottom and see if that helps.
I have a 3 tiered wedding cake for this Saturday. Last night I baked the bottom tier (2 pans) - used aztomcat's recipe for Heavenly Pumpkin Spice cake which I've used before and it's been fine. Well last night, I waited about 20 minutes after removing the 12" round pans from the oven, flipped them out onto cooling racks and less than 2 minutes later, they both split into about 3 pieces.What the heck did I do wrong? I have to rebake them tonight, but I don't want the same...
There is NOooo comparison!! I bought the Wilton one first, used it once and returned it because I hated it. I looked like I chewed through the cake. Then I bought the single blade Agbay... LOVE IT!!! It is the best money I ever spent! Trust me, if you purchase an Agbay you won't regret it! That is one of my "can't live without and won't even attempt to" items.
Can you post a link to your etsy shop? I'd love to be able to refer my brides there if they are looking for something like that, as I don't have the time to make them myself.Angie
Anyone? I know there must be more people wondering the same thing. Someone has to have an opinion.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. They really help! At least I have a starting point now.The cake that I posted the picture of is just the sketch the groom did for me (he's a graphic artist). It's not a cake that has been done before and is an original design. That is why I can't PM the original poster (me ) and ask how it was done. That must not have been clear from my original post. Sorry!I think the wire structure idea is a good one. I think I'll try that covered...
Okay, I'm doing a little research... I am a licensed decorator currently renting space, but working on a business plan to hopefully build my own kitchen in a year or two. My question is for those that own their own commercial kitchens, which brands and types of appliances would you recommend or definitely recommend staying away from. This is assuming that you could buy brand new and have your dream appliances. In reality, I know it's usually whatever you can get on the...
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me as far as making these birch trees out of fondant/gumpaste? I've never made birch trees before and this is a pretty important component to the cake for the couple. He is a graphic artist and designed the cake himself, which matches the invitations that he designed. I'm open to any and all ideas/instructions/tutorials/etc.Thanks,Angie
Thanks Xstitcher- I really like that top one! That is exactly the kind of cake that I was looking for. If anyone has anymore ideas, please add to these. I would love to have several ideas to keep in mind for those last minute orders.Thanks,Angie
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