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Thank you very much!!!! 
Cakemama2010 Which RI recipe did you use? I have 100 cookies to send to a gallery I'm Florida and not sure if I should use fondant or RI with my edible images for shipping.
Does anyone ever put fondant on sugar cookies? The rolled buttercream does that hold edible images good and would it ship well I have to ship 100 cookies in the mail and want to know should I go fondant, RI, or rolled buttercream?
Hello everyone-   I have a extremely large order being shipped out from Ca to Fl next week of decorated sugar cookies with edible images. My question is first which do you think would ship best on the sugar cookies with a edible image.....fondant icing or RI? Which taste better? If using fondant do i get it to stick to the cookie with RI?     Also which do you think would be the best way to ship close to 100 cookies? Do you recommend the post office or...
Thank you all for your kind advice. Ill let you know how it turns out
How would I go about connecting my cricut cake to my computer? I heard it could be done just have no idea how :/
Does anyone have a good recipe for german chocolate that is a wasc recipe? If not anyone try the scratch recipes with any success? I need one sturdy enough to hold the weight of stacking. Any help is appreciated
Okay so i make my own MMF and lately after i ice my cake i notice you can see a ring around it where the frosting damn is starting to come out causing a lump. How do i avoid this? I already make a damn put my filling then stack and dirty iced and put into frig. I dont know what im doing wrong. Also lately i have had a large problem with the next morning the fondant having large air pockets where it has not stuck to the butter cream. HELP!!!
Hello i have a family member of mine who wants me to make this wedding cake for them, the problem is how would i achieve this look with a ribbon? is it even ribbon?? Help!!!
Thank you all very much you all have been very helpful. I will try and post a picture of the cake once assembled and decorated
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