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Cake and Nails!!  Those are my 2 obsessions too!!!   LOL
Thank you SO much!
I need to make 12 tea cups and I cannot figure out how to do them. I can't use one of my cups as a mold because the handle is in the way. I see so many perfecf tea cups on here and can't for the life of me figure out how they did them. What do I use as a mold?? Please help me.
Wow, that is sad. You expect a nicely made cake and you get a grocery store cake for $250. Yikes!
OMG, the weight of the bottom cake would be heavy. And besides that you would start at the top, and work your way down. There for, what she said just doesn't even make sense. She must be blonder than blonde. WOW. Oh, and of course you were supposed to be psychic and know that she changed the colors, duh!! LOL.
Obviously the people that came up with these words were NOT cake decorators. hahaJust like the people that come up with things at work are the ones that have never actually stepped foot into the work place.
I've heard in a lot of cultures that's what they do with it. I'm surprised a placenta was what they came up with for an ob/gyn. That's not the first thing that came to my mind as I started to read this, haha.
If you have an Ikea near you they sell a large bag of 'chop sticks' but they are real thick and round. they are very cheap and they work perfect for dowels. they don't taper off until the very end. and I use a pair of wire cutters to cut them. I also use scewers(sp).
a few years ago I bought a small chest freezer since it was cheaper than a fridge. i never use it! Then I told my dad to watch for a cheap used fridge for me, and just so happens my aunt was getting a new one and gave me her old one. So I would recommend the fridge/ freezer combo. you will use the fridge way more than the freezer. At least if your like me, I refuse to freeze cakes - I think fresh is the only way to go. I do occasionally freeze frosting or fillings,...
well, just like how the SMBC is the only thing you have worked with, the crusting bc is the only thing I have worked with. If I tried to make a batch of SMBC it would probably not turn out the first time, and if it did I would not know the first thing about getting it smooth. I only learned with the crusting, just like you only learned with yours. I failed the first time I frosted a cake too, so it makes sense that you would fail at your first attempt with a new...
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