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Thank you so much!I'll try it again & use a pin for air bubbles.Thanks!Noy
Hi I need help with my MMF.My fondant have lot of air bubbles in it & this have never happen to me before.When I pick it up it's very stretchy to the poit where it would tear.Please help b/c this cake is due 2morrow.TIANoy
GrandmaG,Thank you so much for helping!
GrandmaG,funny u post this I was going to ask Macsmom what she used for her fillings.She told me a year ago but I can't find it.I was thinking about making this for my son's b-day cake.I was wondering if you mind sharing how you make your chocolate filling.Thank you!
Thank you so much bobwonderbuns!
I have a question for the gingerbread cake,is the small t stands for tablespoon or teaspoon.Thanks!
Thanks emiyeric! Can't wait to try it!
Hi!I would love to try the gingerbread cake with eggnog filling but can't find the eggnog filling recipe anywhere.Can someone please help me.Thank you!
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