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I could really use some input on the application of Luster/petal dust.Brushes?Lemon juice or vodka or water?Apply heavy haded or loosely adding in layers until the desired look?Seriously any help any input would be appreciated greatly.Thank you all in advance.Carolyn
Either way tones or tons it sounds yummy thank you for sharing.I love your pic under your name. Cute.
I keep the supplies for MMF on hand seriously it is sooo much better and so easy and fast to make and what store doesnt have marshmallows, powdered sugar, lemon juice/ lemons and food coloring?I promise if you are afraid of making the MMF you really do not need to be. It is super easy and tasty.
You could go silly and say a baby is delivered byt he stork or perhaps a sweet little face smiling out of a cabbage patch.I know I would have a hard time eating anything that looked like someone gave birth.
Let me know what your/ your clients favorite cake recipe?The most requested?Favorite Flilling?Thank you
Where can i find Sugarshacks recipe? is it here on CC?
Is there anyone in the vacinity of Cleveland Texas?I am praying about a relocation to this area. I want to check out the colleagues in the area. I will be buying a retail location and need some data concerning sales etc in the area.Any input would be great. Love to you all in 2009.Sweettoothmom
Hello all!After spending so much time trying to find a kitchen space to be licensed by the state in which we reside we GIVE UP.We love the art and wondered if it would be best to find a space to sell the supplies rather than the actual finished product and perhaps Cake dummies for decor purposes only. Has anyone else had to go this way? If so please PM me any wholesale venders you know of. Our hope is that we could blossom into a kitchen one day soon. but at the present...
Another example of parents putting thier own selfish wants before thier childs.Like someone who's last name is Balls naming thier son Harry etc..... It is child abuse.
I just caught an episode of the Real Housewives fo Atlanta.In this episode there was two different cakes. Both birthday cakes.One was a red sports car that was HUGE!!! Gorgeous cake. THey didnt list a price on it that I saw but WOW...And the second was a Louis Vitton Purse Cake that went for $1200 by Gloria the Cake lady in Atlanta. I searched the web for her but cant find a website. Does anyone out there in "CC"land know of the Gloria the cake lady in atlanta!?I just want...
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