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I'm not sure if this will help or not but I made my own with metal sheeting.
LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Thats looks exactly like what she had in mind!!!!
Yeah, I told her we had to work something out because it wasn't possible for 25. No answer. Lets see what happens.
Turns out the 3 tiers need to feed 25 people.Should I assume I only charge her for the 25 she needs and disregard all the other servings you get from the 3 tier cake?
I like this. Maybe I should use it next time.I'm not sure what that means either. I would want any cake for any occasion to be special.nothing special=pretty but cheap
Yea, I dont really discount either, but it irks me to receive a message like that. I knew you guys would see the "humor" in it.
oooh, is that whole price or just the discount?
Asking for a price on a 3 tiered cake...nothing special.What was the discount on those again!?
I would individually give the cake to everyone but him. THen when he comes looking for his piece I would tell him "No, this cake is too buttery for your taste, you wont like it" and walk off.
Before knowing anything about cakes, I made one of these last minute mistakes...really last minute.My friend from work was getting married and we were taking her out to dinner. It was like a mini-bachelorette party. I had a mom and pop bakery next to my job, so at 4 when my work day was over I called and asked for an adult cake. When they asked when the cake was for I said "8:00 pm".Silence and then a no. I was so mad. My ignorant thought was, you can make a cake in 4...
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