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Well he deserves more than just one hug, because now that I think of it, he paid for the first 2 sets. So, in reality it all cost me $10!!!Maybe I should bake him a cake!
I've told a few people (hubby, sis, etc) and they don't seem as excited as I was, but I know that you guys on here will think this was a GREAT find too!!!I get a phone call from my dad, who likes to browse second hand stores for deals. He tells me they have some baking stuff. I usually tell him "no thanks" since I can't check the items out myself, but this time he tells me that the items were sealed and in their wilton packages.WILTON? Ok, now he had my attention.He went...
Yes! I don't get why people don't google more often.I google first. If I am still unsure then I ask here or search here.
I used cheap rum on my first rum cake and was told it had no rum flavor. Ever since then I have bought BACARDI and never had a complaint again.
THey will soften and sweat.I put a cake in the fridge ,I'm in Miami do I dont know if the weather had some effect too, but it sweated a lot.
Sunny Miami, FL
Thanks girls! I saw that too, but I dont think its the technique used here. This one looks like something was smeared on the bodies. I would have thought buttercream but that could get really messy, so RI seems more like it.
Someone sent me the picture below wanting the fur effect on my Sesame Street characters. Do you think that was achieved using royal icing?
I totally agree. She is going to find something wrong and refuse to pay. People are sneaky and dishonest.
I added this cake to favorites the moment I saw it! I absolutely love it!!!
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