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This post came at a good time for me. My cousin asked me to make 50-80 individual graduation caps. I charged her $3.75 each and have been kicking myself for the last month!!I only have one pan that size (6 at a time)1. Bake pan 14 times.2. cool 84 cakes3. ice 80 cakes4. cover in fondant 80 cakes5. airbrush silver 80 cakeNot to mention pre making 80 squares for the top of the cap and letting dry! I should have charged at l least $5 each and that would be like a family...
If you wanted something bigger than a cupcake, but that maybe you can bake a few at a time, they have these large cupcake pans at Walmart.I use them to make graduation caps. That way it wont be as tiny as a cupcake but quicker then 20 individual cakes. )Have you though on how they will take it home?
I wouldnt make a purse cake for 8 servings. It wouldnt be worth the time that would go into the detail unless you over charge tremendously.Being that you are friendly with this person, from experience, I know that over charging probably wont happen.
I have bought some of the baking stuff at dollar tree and they start to get a weird smell when they get wet. Some have even rusted.
with airbrush paint instead of the gel colors?I want to make that tie dye effect on it. )Thanks!
Thanks so much for the help. You guys had the same ideas as me. Except for the rice crispies treats! I think that sounds great! Thanks again!
Thats what I thought at first too and then my husband said that maybe they carved it, but they seem to little to be carved and look so perfect.
Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew how they did the ridges around the cake (see below). I wasn't sure if they carved it or if they form the fondant like that.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I stack a cake, and airbrush all 3 tiers the same color, to have the white part show underneath when they remove the tiers to cut?Thanks so much.
I think it was a once in a long time oppurtunity.I told him to keep an eye out for more pans and cookies cutters.This one thrift store gets a lot of the character shaped pans, but I dont really use those. They are only $1.95.My dad has brought me a few "classics". He got me a hippie bus one from 1978. Its pretty cool.
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