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Thanks Silly,I like to be as honest as I can. I would never say I can do something just to get the job. )And yes, the fact that Ace of Cakes makes "cakes" just out of mostly wood irks me too!
Thanks for your reply. I'm always worried on how I should word things since messages/emails are read with "tones". I always want to make sure mine don't have a negative tone to them.
I received a call from a guy wanting a cake for his girlfriend. He wants unicorns, fairies, and dragons. No problem, I know I can do this.I go ahead and explain to him that I have never made any, but can send him some ideas. I go ahead and find some really nice pics of things I feel confident I can make. I explain to him "this is what I can make". He goes ahead and sends me these amazing "Ace of Cake" style cakes with really intricate figurines. I am very well aware that...
I have never understood why some bakers don't take a deposit if under a certain amount. The way I see it, even if its a $25 order, if they never pick it up it my loss. So I'd rather have the security that they have at least given $12 and its most likely that they won't forget or not care with those $12 pending. I have had people leave orders before abnd it sucked. Now I require a 50% deposit or the order is void.No deposit=No order.
They are 4.
Thanks! Good thing I didnt make them for the finale. I would have eaten about 2 dz of them! Hope all my Losties had some of their questions answered.
I would think that you can make the cake in blue like the water and as the main character have triton sticking up from the top. Followed by flounder, sebastian, and a shark . Ariel can be included too but not as the MAIN focus.THen I would do the seaweeds in blue, green, and yellow and stay clear fo pink and purple.
It will be in that very moment, face covered with corn strach, hands filled with sticky fondant, that she will realize how affordable the cake seems all of a sudden.
HI! I made these for the season premier of one of the seasons:
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