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I don't usually like asking for pricing info, but I am a bit stumped on this one. I have a set price for topsy turvy cakes but the client wants a damask design. How much extra do you charge for this design? How do you price it? by servings or just an additinal $XX.XX amount.Thanks in advance.
I would have charged well over $200 for 48 servings and all those handmade details. I'm in Miami and I know that that I am probably undercharging for what cakes go for here.I make it a point on my page to tell people I do not offer discounts. I don't do pro-bono work. My favorite line is "I already spent a lot on the party and can't spend a lot on the cake, can I get a discount if..." ME: no, my treats are already low priced compared to other items of the same quality...
This is exactly how I do it.
Yes, that is sadly the truth. I learned my lesson to recieve deposits just like this- the hard way!I would charge tastings too. I think next time she comes, tell her that she missed the tasting and thats its $XX.XX.
Are you kidding me? I got angry just reading the post! You were very patient it seems, I would have been in her face the moment she started touching my things. I have personal space issues. I'm sure your cake was beautiful and very smart of you to take pictures!Keep us posted on what the bride said.
That would be great. She can teach us something factual. I know that the video that plays in Jo-Ann fabrics is with the Cricut girl and Carrie Biggers and she briefly shows you a thing or two.
Oh, man! I wish I would have thought of that!!!This has been by far the worst cricut selling pitch I have seen, but then again, I don't like how the HSn sells their things. It has always annoyed me.
HSN has 5 reviews for the product...all negative. I wouldn't be surprised if they bought it assuming it really was going to be as easy as the lady made it look. I have done my research on here and I know it takes time to get it.I'll put in my 2 cents once I get mine. I'm nervous and excited!!
I knew that the CC crew would get a kick out of it. I am sure it did get someones wheels turning on how they can make all these fabulous cakes with just the click of a button.
I have been checking out different videos/review on the cricut cake and came upon this HSN video. In minute 4:19 or so, the host starts telling the viewers that you can even make your own wedding cake wiith it. THe part I liked "the best" is when she tells people in a very sarcastic tone that us bakers charge "PER PERSON" like its unheard of. She does a quick mathematics and then asked the viewers "WHAT DOES CAKE MIX COST YOU?...Uh..huh"I wonder how many people she reeled...
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