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I just came back from the Walmart by my house and all the "old" cartridges are on sale for $15. I got 3 Disney ones (2 princesses and 1 Mickey) and 1 Sweethearts for $60. I dont know if this sale is in all Walmarts, but I wanted to share.They are changing to "LITE" cartridges and are getting rid of the regular ones. Hope you find them!
Definitely, it was either them or me. I was going to risk anything to fix the parents mistakes raising them. Eventually they will see the error of their ways when that nasty behavior turns on them. I had one mom tell her time out kid "don't worry when you get home, i'll let you play". I was flabbergasted. NOt to mention the mom did all the kids HW in her handwriting non-the-less. If I would have given both of them a test, they both would have failed.
Hmmm.....sounds interestings.
There's one of the reasons I stopped teaching. I really dislike bratty kids and no longer have the patience I once had. Not to mention, I equally dislike the bratty parents. I work better with an oven.
My favorite line is when they tell me, "I've just lost my job, but want a nice cake for my ....."I feel bad, but I can't give freebies to all the charity cases. When I wasn't able to afford a fondant cake, I opted for what I could afford. I had a girl ask me if I can throw in delivery. The place was over 30 miles from my house. I guess she got me on bad day and I told her that when I went to the gas station I can't ask them to throw in a few extra gallons of gas for the...
Ever since really reading through the posts on here, I rarely find myself without an answer to give to my customers, and if I did I know where to come. Whether its a "Can I get a discount question?", "Can I have your recipe?", or my newest to the collection, "Can you decorate cupcakes I provide?" I'm ready with an answer I feel confident in. Just wanted to give thanks to those who take the time to answer questions seriously and give constructive criticism. BTW- I told...
Are you in Miami too?
I learned by practicing what I read on CC and on what I saw on youtube. I found the Wilton classes a big ol waste of time! By the time I took them I knew the "basics" and then some. It also didnt help that my teacher seemed bored of the class and wasn't very motivated. Whether you covered your cake nicely or awfully she didnt care. Hopefully everyone else has a better experience. But definitely check out youtube too!
I was just going to ask if damask would even look good on a topsy cake? I did a search on google and didnt seem to find any.It seems it would lose the perfection i see in it (damask.)
Thanks kitagrl! Thats how I thought on doing it too! Damask is like the flower pattern kitagrl has on her avatar.
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