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LOL! Thanks so much I appreciate that and will be making all the changes.
oh yeah can you guys also tell me what you think about the prices?Thanks!
Oh yes plesae let me know so I can change it.Sometimes I do these very late at night (my only free time from hubby and baby) so anything looks good to me!
Thanks so much! I made this on photoshop.I self taught myself how to use it when I wanted to begin making invitations and stationary.
Thanks!If I sold 12 cookies, just bagged with a ribbon aroung the bag I sell them for $24 (in a box) no bouquet or bows .
I got an order from one of my friends for my cookie bouquets and I made up the price list.What do you guys think. I read up on a lot of the responses already talking about pricing and would like a little critique.Thanks!
HELP!! I am tring to make a gumpaste cow. I rol the ball for the body and set it apart to make the legs. When i go to stick them they body begins to crack and is flattened out from when i layed it down.What are some your suggestions? Thanks everyone!
Oh ok great. The lollipop sticks i have are the paper wilton ones.Thanks so much!
I have been reading on here that some people put the sticks in the cookies prior to baking.If I put the lollipop sticks in the sugar cookies, will they melt ?orDo I need special sticks or the skewer sticks? Thanks!
how can you estimate how many people eat from that?I've been wanting to make one for parties but it looks like not many people can have. It is very beautiful though! Great job!
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