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HI Guys, Just an update.I never heard from her again. I called her and it rang a few times.I didnt want it to ring 15 times if they were in the hospital, plus that would annoy me. Not even the answering machine came out. Maybe she saw it was me and avoided the call thinking I was hounding her for my money. They discharged the little girl already.
Thanks everyone for the wonderful ideas. I think I am going to give the mom a call tomorrow. I think they were saying that they may discharge her today. I'll keep you all posted!
oooh, I didnt mean to charge her again for the cake, I meant do it again for her for free. I know she didn't do it on purpose and that its an important matter. I would be doing the entire cake and cookie order again and not re charge her the orginal price. SHe would just have to pay the remaining balance.
Yo tambien estaria muy interesada en saber la informacion sobre las classes.
Thanks! That little inner voice is telling me to do it. I think I am going to call her up once I read the baby is out of the hospital. I would definitely want someone to do it for me.
Oh, the delivery was in the Margate area. I am down South in Hialeah. I hope the baby girl is doing alright.
Beautiful! I wish I could do something like that!
Its exactly what I thought. I guess men think differently. He was seeing it more from a business point of view. We also thought that we hope she doesnt go around telling people if we do decide to do it, and then have them think we will take charity cases. etc. I like to think things thoroughly before doing and no nothing you can come up with is too far fetched.
I have been having an online conversation with the mom for 2 weeks, who was unsure if she should order such a pricey cake. Finally, she decided to order the cake and cookies and sent someone nearly 40 miles to give me my 50% deposit. The day before the party, I read on her Facebook, that the baby is being rushed to the hospital with an incredibly high fever. Uh-oh!The day of delivery I get a call from an aunt telling me the party was cancelled and that they didnt know what...
my order form clearly says:No deposit=no orderNo ExceptionsI've been burned one too many times with no shows.
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