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I soak the gun part in hot water. Once it has soaked for a while I fill it with some more hot water and turn the gun out just to make sure any leftover gunk is out of there. Works everytime.
Thank you. I like this, because I also get asked what my flavors are even though my webpage clearly states them.Thanks for the feedback.
How can I politely include my FAQ in my first time replies, so I dont get 6 additional emails with 1 question each that can easily be answered if people took the time to read the list. I'm having a problem with wording and having it sound too rude.Please, take a look at our FAQ, where many other questions are already answered?Please, take a look at our FAQ, where you may find further answer to some frequently asked questions?Any help would come in handy.
This is one of my worst fears. I have yet to have anyone give me a hard time, except for this one lady when I was first starting out, who wanted a 3 tier cake. Back then I think I charged about $210 and she was like, "Oh, can't you leave it at $200". I made the fatal mistake of agreeing.She later pulls into my driveway in a pimped out mercedes, designer clothes, and freshly washed and blow dried hair. I was so angry at her and at myself. She then called me, a few days...
I'm equally confused.
UPDATE:I sent her an email and waited a few days for a response, and I still didn't receive anything.We decided that instead of giving you a free cake, I would do it for 50%. I figured she would pay at least for the materials and I would donate my time. Of course, with the condition that she paid her remaining balance. Thanks to everyone who gave me such wonderful ideas. After much discussion, I felt that this was a fair route for both of us.
I get responses like this all the time, even after weeks of back and forth. I personally take them as a polite way of backing out. I just assume that they won't be coming back and just get a cheaper cake somewhere.However, I have had the case, where they tell me no right away and go check out other places and come quickly back to me. In this situation it usually has gone like this "I've talked to my husband and he said to go for it" etc.
My husband sees it the same way. He believes had I not required the 50% deposit that she would not have had courtesy to have given a heads up or at least tell someone to do so. She wouldn't have cared, now or later on once the baby gets better, to even call and apologive or send a check.
Sounds like a plan! I'm always up for a bite...and a drink!
I have no idea. I was never told and they never posted it.I dont think I have chatted with this many So. Floridians on here.
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