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I use Satin Ice, too. I only had an issue the first time I used it because I was use to working with my own.Now, I love it!
Last Mother's Day I took 23 orders, between cake and cupcake bouquets, and barely got ant sleep for 3 days. Luckily, some of the bouquets I was able to make the set up pre hand.However, I almost didnt make it. I cried, I laugh, delusionally, but still I laughed, I whined, I almost gave up, I cried some more, but in the end I learned my lesson. No amount of $$ is worth my sanity or well being.
In the past I have bought the pre-made stuff, but I invested in a small airbrush machine, and like this even more.Even the premade stuff has a weird consistancy sometimes. With the AB I just use white fondant and spray.Its been totally worth it.
I have breakdowns all the time. I want everything perfect, and most of the time it is, and I just need to give myself a hard time.One thing that has helped me out a lot is something I once read here. It went something like " The little things you see wrong with your cake, no one else can see."This statement is correct most of the time.
Bello! Me encanta! La proxima vez que visita a la familia en Madrid, pasare por ahi!Suerte!
I love sugar cookies, but I hate the taste of the NFSC.It has a weird after taste. I have used different ingredients and nothing. I have made the ones that come in the bag, that you just add water to, and they were amazing. In my book what a sugar cookie should taste like. Every time I buy sugar cookies in the local bakery, they are sweet. NFSC are not.
So sorry for that!I know exactly the sick feeling you are talking about. Delivering a cake, I was also crashed into. The backside of the cake was all cracked and damaged. I had to stop at Michaels and but emergency items....with noi coupon! I spent $40+.I couldnt re do the cake because we were half way there and the place was far, plus Miami traffic adds extra travel time. We were about 1.5 hours late. I didnt charge for for delivery or the remaining balance of the cake....
Are these fondant or BC covered cakes?
I don't see it creepy, I just see them really ugly and tacky.
I would be mortified to ask something like that.
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