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So, I have already baked my vanilla cakes and client just sent a message to see if there is some way I can make the inside of the cake pink and purple.  Normally I would have coloured the batter prior to baking, but that isn't an option now.  I told her I could use pink and purple buttercream between the layers, but just thought I would post the question to see if anyone had ever coloured a baked cake?
Here is my dilemma: I am doing heart shaped cake pops for a fundraising gala (120 of them).  The original plan was to display them using stacked decorated styrofoam dummies (like a wedding cake).  However, the event is now going to have tuxedoed waiters carrying around different food/beverages, including the cake pops.  So, I need some way to display the pops in a way that is easy to carry, easy to replenish and still looks high end.  Any ideas?
Thanks everyone...I"ll have to go on a hunting mission this weekend!
    A potential bride sent me the attached photo.  I'm wondering... what are the little bead-like things on the "bride" cake pop?  They look smaller than any type of sprinkle or pearl that I have seen.  Just wondering what they are so I know what I'm looking for :-)  Thanks in advance!
Hi Everyone,I have a friend that wants me to do a cake for her to thank her cancer care nurses. She had seen a picture of a 3 tier cake that was a cake on the bottom with cupcakes making up the top 2 tiers. (She wants to have a personalized cupcake for each of her primary nurses and then the cake for the remainder of the staff). I cannot find a picture of anything close to what she is describing. Has anyone seen this set up?
Chocolate ganache...I do a pumpkin chocolate chunk spice cake and it's my family's favourite!
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm going to play around with a few of your suggestions and see what I can come up with.
Hi everyone!One of my clients is requesting a birthday cake for her mother. She wants it to have all of the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids names on it (31 names in total). I talked to her about a family tree cake (like many on here) but she didn't like the idea of a tree...she wants some elegant and clean.Anyone have any ideas or pictures? Everything I sketch out looks too busy because of all of the names.Thanks!
I just had to share my daily laugh.I had a girl email me looking for an "awesome" cake for her 19th birthday...she wasn't sure what she wanted yet but she wanted something really cool and over the top.I sent her some pricing info and rec'd an email back stating that she didn't like my pricing. So, I asked her what her budget was and maybe we could figure out something that would work for her. Her email came back stating that her budget was $20 and she only needed a cake...
Thanks everyone! Those are some beautiful cupcakes...definitely have given me some more ideas to work with!
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