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you guys are rock stars. Thank you for the replies-I think I'll book both for that day since they're both modest three tiers
I think the site looks good...also very interesting idea...never heard of that around here before.
how many brides do you accept for one particular day? I am just branching out into weddings and I have two brides that want to book on July 30th. I'm also a one woman show so I take that into account. For other one person cake shops-how many brides will you take on for a particular day?
I'll be interested to hear the replies as well. I just tried the planet cake method with the dark and I really liked-was looking forward to trying the white soon...
I saw the creation on a morning news show and thought it looked like something I would NOT want to eat LOL The real test is whether my bf would eat it...
perhaps you could tie in a detail from her dress or a detail from her bouquet? That would be cool
some times I get frustrated with competition, but you have to remember we all have different things to offer and the customers will go to whoever offers what they are looking for. For instance, there is a new cupcake shop I was worried about, but she doesn't offer nearly as many options as I do. Therefor, more simplistic people will go to her and more complex designs will come my way. It's hard to relax about competition some times, but it's always going to be there so we...
I'm going through this same thing! I'm currently thinking of switching to LLC because my business has hit a big growth and I think it would be better to plan ahead for any mishaps. I would call your local office and see what they say
all I usually use it a core and then I'll have a little mound to level off which I do with a serrated knife...that method just takes a bit of practice to keep the knife straight.
absolutely! I just wrote a post about this topic on my blog: truffletramp.blogspot.comI don't use the pour method-I make a big thing of really smooth ganache and then let it set up to be a smooth peanut butter consistency and then I spread it on the cake like I would BC. After I let it set up I put another layer on and then wait for it to harden and it works great. If you hot knife it after you get a super smooth finish to go under your fondant.
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