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I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in August.  Thankfully my sweet husband is all to available to taste any scraps :D  I actually have to wear a mask when I mix....mainly because I believe that my mixer only has two speeds...on and off.  Usually results in flour EVERYWHERE!!  
My brother and his fiance are getting married on Jan. 13th. it happens to be a Friday. Therefore making their wedding date Friday the 13th. It's kinda a rush wedding because "they can't stand to be apart from each other." He lives in Texas and she lives in Florida. Anywho.....I think Friday weddings are crazy, especially when all your friends and family live out of town. They want the date to the the 13th because of the 13th chapter of Corinthians in the Bible. ...
The times that I've done "fur" before I have used royal icing and a grass tip (multi hole tip). Once, when I couldn't find the right tip and needed grass I rolled out a fondant rope and basically attacked it with some baby scissors. The pony ride cake in my photos is the one with the fondant "grass." If you want to take a look!Good luck.
The recipe I have doesn't use shorting IN the MMF, I just use it to coat my hands and the counter top to prevent sticking when kneading. Hope the next batch turns out better!
I have been cyber stalking this site for well over a year, but have never posted anything. I have learned SOOOO much from you already!I am a hobby baker and a 'domestic engineer' (AKA stay at home mom!)I posted a few pics of cakes that I have done in the past few months. I am still learning, but looking for some constructive criticisms. (Please be kind, I cry easily...LOL)Look forward to learning more from you ladies
This happened to me once too. You could have started to burn some of the marshmellows (that's what I did!)
I have the 325 watt tilt. Well, I HAD.About a year ago, while making MMF, it died. It sounded like it was on it's way out because of the stress of the MMF, and then it just wounded like something had broken.My husband, being a 'gear head' tore the thing apart and found the problem. The model that I have uses nylon gears. That way when it gets ready to break it doesn't tear through the rest of the motor, it just strips a gear or two. It's only a $30 part to fix, but...
I think that's a cake shop, but I'm not sure if they sell supplies there. i'd give them a call to double check though! Sorry i don't know more!
I live in outside Pensacola, in Milton. The best place that I've found is Jo-Ann's or Hobby Lobby on Davis Highway. They are still limited in their selections, so I do a lot of buying online for specialty things.
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