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Hi, Not new at this but can't seem to get this color right, can someone help . Need an olive green actually the color of the doublemint gum package between olive and mint. Thank you Mary
 I will be recreating this cake and they want it almost exactly. Not really sure hoe the ice cream cones are created over the dowels and what they are made from? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Thank you all for responding, I did just that I rough iced it and decorated, it was a beach theme so it worked out fine but I was getting stressed there for a while. Alls well that ends well.
Hi and thanks for answering. I used all shortening and I have never seen this before, the more I try to add more icing to cover the bubbles the more they appear. Im stumped, I tried freezing and smoothing with a hot knife but will continue to try if it doesnt work I will have to cover in fondant. Didnt really wanna go that route.Thanks again,Mary
Was wondering if there is a quick fix on smoothing a cake with air bubbles it? It is a non crusting bc and as I try to smooth it more holes are surfacing from beneath. Any reasons to why and if I can salvage this cake????
If I plan to cover the cake with fondant can I still fill and carve the cake while frozen and then just let it thaw before covering?
I was asked to make a cake for a very special 90 yr old woman, the family would love an oyster or clam shaped cake with a pearl inside. Any tips or suggestions would be so appreciated, not a clue of how to even begin this one.
I find pettinincethe best fondant that I have tried and I have tried almost all of them. It rolls much nicer than Satin Ice and doesn't tear as easily. If you buy on-line try pettinince I think you will be happy.
Im having some trouble.
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