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I guess that is where I get confused. I never know how long it will take me to make an accent (and honestly, it's never very long to justify charging so much but others in my area do) and I have no clue how much the part of fondant I use to accent the cake costs.
Hi everyone. I am having a heck of a time deciding what to price my fondant accents at for each order. Do you charge per weight of fondant used or do you have a basic guideline you use? This in addition to the struggle I already face for pricing my cakes per serving is driving me nuts. HELP! Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.
if you want a doctored cake mix recipe I use the wasc recipe found on CC and add Da Vinci caramel flavored syrup (in coffee aisle of grocery store) to the batter and the buttercream. Drizzle caramel (sundae) sauce in between layers or on top of cupcakes once iced. Truely fantastic!
woops...the picture did'nt upload. I am not sure I know how to add it. I clicked the attachment but I guess I didn't do something right.
Help! Every time I bake cupcakes from scratch they look like the picture below. The top bubbles and sinks and is just plain ugly. I like a rounded even tone with a smooth top much like that from a cake mix. My cake mix cupcakes come out perfectly everytime but since I sell them I want to make ALL of my cupcakes from scratch. I used Magnolia's vanilla cupcake recipe and baked at 350 for 20 minutes as the directions said. They were raw in the middle at 18 minutes when...
I use this recipe for my business because it's moist and foolproof. I wouldn't add chips to the batter that thin though. I don't see why it would taste different in cupcake form or cake there a difference?
wow..I never knew. Yes, I do cool them in the pan and possibly in the oven too. How long do you bake your cupcakes for?
Does anyone know why my cupcakes bake up big and beautiful but then seem to shrink upon cooling? I bake them at 350 for 20 minutes as directed and a toothpick inserted comes out clean before taking out of oven.[/url]
how about everyone stop placing judgements on eachother and go bake a cake! Your Way!!!! i'M JUST SAYIN
this happened to me twice. It's horrible and bump you get over. Take everyone suggestions on here and try something new. If it works, your problems will never repeat themselves and you can continue. I't sucks I know. I just had a bride and groom tell me they hated how my cake tasted. I'm horrified at all the comments that must have been made as everyone refused to eat the cupcakes. Live and learn.
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