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Hmmm...What a good idea....I would do a cake for...My Grandmother....The one cake I have made wasn't something to talk about. And she is always critiquing what I do....I know she means no harm. But someday I would just love to BLOW her away!!!! I would make her favorite flavor. With lots of beautiful flowers covered in something she would like...She likes 7 min frosting but it isn't easy to decorate with!! Wow this isn't as easy as I thought it would be!!!! I just want to...
I have read posts on rolled butter cream...What is the best recipe for this?? I found one recipe...Is it just like working with fondant?? I am making a cake for my little sisters birthday and she doesnt like the marshmallow fondant. But I want to make a really smooth cake for her...Just thought I would get some feed back before I attempt it....Thanks in advance for any and all advice!!!!
You could torte your layers so each 9" is cut in half and fill those with the butter cream. Other than that I think you would have to use more layers. I am not sure how much more height you would get. That is all I can think of!!
What great ideas!! I will have to be looking out for some of these to organize. I have such a space issue I think that will help!!!
I don't know if it works for choc chips. But I toss a Tbsp or so of flour in with blueberries so that they wont sink to the bottom. HT
So if you are delivering a stacked cake do you stack them right away and deliver them stacked?? I have my very 1st stacked cake order (its only 2 tiers) in Dec and I am a little nervous about it. Being we are on the "stacked" subject as well...TIA
What a cute idea!!! Do you think you would be able to make them in the oven??? I will have to try it as well~!! Thanks!!
Well that is a different request. But it could turn out so cute. Everyone has such good ideas!!! Although I am not much help. I love the ghost and the pumpkin patch ideas....Good Luck...I cant wait to see the pictures of it!!!
Oh I will have to look for these....I LOVE Paula!!!! I have one of her cookbooks and just love it...Thanks...I had no idea she had a magazine!! Thanks For the info!!!
Oh I think it looks just like a very adorable lion. Great job!!!
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