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I had success with for cupcake liners. Good luck!
I use basically the same recipe, here is mine: 1 pkg of instant pudding (any flavor), 1/4 cup of powdered sugar ( I always add more to make it a little thicker), 1 cup of cold milk and an 8 oz tub of cool whip. Everyone loves it. Since it is not a stiff frosting, I swirl it on cupcakes. Make sure you keep it in the frig!
Nope, my couplers have the slits... I am glad you said that, I will have to look for some. I will try the cutting the opening of a disposable bag and see if that works. Thank you! I just hope the swirls don't collapse!! I am nervous about that!!
How do I make smooth swirls on cupcakes, not star swirls? The largest round tip i have is a 21. Will that work? How do I keep the swirl from falling after you swirl it up to a peak? TIA!!!!!!
I have not heard of bettercreme?? Where can I find the recipe to try it??TIA
I have made mmf twice. The 1st time I used the hook and it worked great. The 2nd time I forgot to switch out to the hook until halfway through the process. But after I put the hook on it was much better!!
Please help!! I have tried to upload a picture from the web as my avatar and it did not work?? What am I doing wrong?
This is very helpful. My mother loves petit fours so I will have to try this.
A vining border with mini lady bugs would be cute.
Way to go!!!!!
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