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I have a request for a chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling and also a vanilla cake with a citrus or fruit filling. I need non-perishable recipes for the fillings. The cake will be made the day before and travel in a warm car for 2 hours. I have read several posts and see something about Rich's Bettercream but I do not have access to that here. Any suggestions for my fillings?Thanks!Christy
Thank you!
How do you submit a photo to the contest that is already in one of the regular galleries and has been for a while and commented on as well?-Christy
Are the two the same? I want to try the chocolate mud cake recipe and it calls for self raising flour and castor sugar. Is this just a difference in language or are they different than American products?-Christy
Even with Americolor Super Black gel color, I was not able to get a deep black. I always use the black Satin Ice or add the black gel color to dark chocolate fondant.
Confetti cakes posted a video on carving a dog from cake. That is how I learned to do mine. You can find it on YouTube if you search for confetti cakes.
I use satin ice chocolate fondant. It tastes just like a tootsie roll.
I have two of the ones that come from ABC/Lakeside and they carry 36 each. I love mine!
I did a "tye-dye" design using different colors of fondant. Check out my sixties cake with the smiley face.
I have done this. You put the stencil on the fondant. I used the small wilton cake spatula to spread the RI over the stencil. Scrape off the excess and lift the fondant......there you have the stencil. If you are doing this directly on the side of the cake, I would suggest a little scotch tape to hold the stencil in place. It comes right off without a mark. I did fondant panels that dried first before I did my stenciling so I did not need something to hold it to the...
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