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ok- that's what I thought it was, but couldn't remember. this should be interesting to see how they respond to having to send a cashiers check!
ok- so i've seen a LOT of posts about this email(see below) but I can't remember what scam they were trying to pull. can someone refresh my memory?Hi, I will like you to bake me a chocolate or a strawberry cake of 5 tier that can serve approximately 250 guest or more, and I want the cake to be decorated with pink roses and the cake should be covered in fondant or in butter cream, and let there be an inscription be writing on one as (HAPPY MARRIAGE LIFE) and i want you to...
I'm somewhat new posting here, but I've stalked the chat room for months. I teach the classes at our local craft store as well as run a very small business decorating cakes (I can only accomodate 1 per weekend with the limited rental space). I just have to laugh and share the phone call that I just received. The store where I teach gave this woman my phone number because she called THEM with a question about decorating a wedding cake. She then called me to tell me that...
has anyone ever tried adding glycerin to the MMF? I'm wondering if it might help with the elasticity. thought i'd check before trying it myself. Thanks!!
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