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If I have inspired anyone, I would love to see the results!! I know it might wind up being a ways down the road, but that would be really cool.It's funny because when I first described what I wanted to do with the back to the wrap-guys, they didn't understand what I meant. Then, once they understood, they didn't know why. These guys were such nice guys that they couldn't figure out why someone would be honking in the first place.
Thanks everyone.The cakes in the photo are display cakes from my shop. The guys at the wrap-place came to our shop and helped us load the van and position the cakes AND they brought a professional photog to take the pics. It was awesome.The cost was just under 2K (the van is actually painted gold, so all of the white is the vinyl wrap) and I believe it will be worth every penny.Also, I kid you not, not even 3 hours into driving today, I had someone ask my for a business...
Matt, that was the idea! I really wanted to make sure people knew what I was carrying before the honked and flipped me the bird!
I promise, I am trying, but I can't get the pics to attach, so I have them on my facebook and my blog... check 'em out!
ok- they didn't attach-so I put them in my photos.
sorry- pics didn't attach- let me try again...
Very early in the "let's open a shop" process, it was decided that I would have a delivery vehicle that is paid for, maintained and registered to the company. We did a little personal/company crossover for the first year with an SUV, but I wanted a minivan. We sold the SUV, bought a minivan and decided we would have it wrapped. We wanted a certain look that couldn't be achieved with simple decals. Here are some before and after shots:Thoughts?
The bottom line for me... it gets them back on the phone, on my website, and in my store a year later- when a lot (not all, mind you) might be starting to think about baby shower cakes. It gives me another way to reconnect with my brides. I make them a 6 inch round, their choice of flavors, iced white with /filling, happy anniversary written on top and a simple bead border. I timed it one day and it took me 25 minutes to level, fill, frost, write and border all 3...
you'll have to be more specific with what kind of information you are looking for. Also, if you haven't already done so, be sure to check out the SEARCH feature.
Ok, so I try to change out my dummy display cakes about once a year (sooner if they get damaged), but I've got two display cakes now that are going on two years old and will need to be replaced soon. So here is my question: Should I change the design, or keep the design since everyone seems to love them? The one we have done as an actual cake close to 20 times now. The other, everyone loves, nobody orders, but it really draws them in at the bridal shows.
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