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After doing some more review, I'd suggest scaling down your photos to really only show not just your best work, but the best pics as well. Having 10 really good cakes/pics is SO much better than 50 with fuzzy pics and cakes that were done at the begining of your decorating career. Also, I can't quite tell from some of the pics, but just be sure that there isn't anything to get you in trouble copyright-wise...
ok, so I'm writing these as I review your site, so I apologize for the randomness:1. The drawing of the frog has to go. If it is meant to be a logo, make it a logo, not a photo of a drawing. This looks unprofessional.2. The font is very small. 3. With the colors being so light, I'd suggest using a full color background. 4. You need a navigation bar. Right now, there is not enough info on your site. 5. With a name like Frogking Konfections, I think of something a...
Yeah, I MIGHT (big might) do that for a wedding, making sure that the cake is paid in full on the due date, but this was for an order that she was supposed to pick up today!! Luckily, since they are Cake Bites, they'll last until Wednesday when she has the $$.
Um, no I actually had a customer call to ask me that today. She wanted to know if she could pick up her items today, but could we hold the check until Wednesday.....who asks a business to do that?
I've run into the same thing loriesmom!! I've told people they can pick it up on Wednesday, but I am closed for the holiday weekend. They are shocked and appalled, but I need to allow my employees time during the holidays with their families.
I use heart shaped cut-outs in small plastic cups. If I happen to know what colors they are using, I will use that color fondant.
I just use the heel of my hand to roll the petals on and flatten them. This is actually the way that Wilton teaches to make the modelling chocolate roses.
Dear Bride and GroomIt was my pleasure to meet with you and discuss your wedding, however give that you have concerns regarding my frosting recipes, then I don't think that I am the right baker for you. I do not offer additional frosting options, so the frosting you sampled at the appt is the frosting that would be used on your wedding cake. I wish you the best in your new life together. sincerelyXXXXXXX
My test ship to Debi was literally, the 3rd test I'd tried, so I've got it down much better now. With USPS flat rate shipping, its only $5.00. I also wouldn't offer free delivery for a single box, maybe a large corporate order, but not one measly box.
While the actual characters of Tinkerbell and Snow White may not belong to Disney, the IMAGES that we typically associate with these characters do belong to Disney as it was their artists who created those images.Therefore, a fair skinned, dark haired maiden is OK. A fairy, OK, but one made to look like the doll that Disney is selling, not so much.
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